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Grand Research Plan for Neuronal Circuits of Emotion and Memory

     Emotion and memory form the core of cognitive functions, and memory is the basis for cognition. Emotions affect almost all cognitive functions, and are essential for organisms to survive and adapt to the environment. The formation, modification and maintenance of the neural circuits for emotion and memory and their regulation are one of the most active directions of neuroscience research, since they are the key to understanding higher brain functions.
     Neuronal circuits are the biological basis of emotions and memories, and disorders of emotion and memory are associated with abnormal anatomy and dysfunction of neural circuits. Analysis of emotions and memories related to abnormal structures and dysfunctions of neural circuits in neurological and psychiatric diseases will provide a scientific basis and new ideas for a new generation of technical methods of diagnosis and treatment. In recent years, the rapid development of newly-emerging technologies in molecular biology, physics, chemistry and computer science provides new opportunities for in-depth study of the neuronal circuits driving emotion and memory.
  This major research program takes emotion and memory as its main object, making the best use of cutting-edge aspects of medical science, life science and information science, along with the philosophy of systematic study, such as connectional groups and functional groups, in combination with the clinical features of emotion and memory disorders, to work out the basic structure and function of the neural circuitry for emotion and memory. It is an important scientific problem to understand the integrative mechanisms of the neural circuits and the pathological processes that lead to neurological and psychiatric diseases, in order to improve clinical diagnosis and promote patient rehabilitation.
 2011 applications accepted a total of 149, of which " key support project "24, " nurturing project " 125.
Insufficient still exist in 2011 applications, such as : applications of neural circuit research by truly new technologies and new methods are rarely ; genetic study of emotion and memory neural circuit is not much ; very few studies carried out with non - human primate model ; lack of projects on emotion and memory under multimodal level at the same time. Moreover, among the variety of applications concerning emotion and memory related to neural circuits in neurological and psychiatric diseases, some lack innovation. Cooperation between clinicians and basic researchers and  interdisciplinary collaboration need to be strengthened.