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                                                                            Brief Introduction

    The core facility platform in institute of neuroscience was set up on May, 2013, funded by the Project 985 for the crux of discipline construction. 

    The core facility platform consists of three platforms which are the imaging platform, biochemical platform and animal behavior platform. The imaging platform is equipped by Olympus FV1200 Two-photon upright laser scanning microscope, Olympus total internal reflection fluorescence microscope Olympus FV1000 inverted laser scanning confocal microscope, Zeiss upright laser scanning confocal microscope, Ionscope scanning ion-conductance microscope and 64 channel neural data acquisition system. The biochemical platform is equipped by Milli-Q intergral water purification system, Varioskan Flash spectral scanning multimode reader, Bio-Rad CFX96 touch real-time PCR detection system and xCELLigence System for Real-Time and Label-Free Monitoring of Cell Viability. The animal behavior platform is equipped by the Morris water maze, radial maze, elevated plus maze, mice fear conditioning system and so on. Please come to the specific website for detailed information.

    Led by Dr. Sanhua Fang, there are 5 technicians in service for daily maintenance of the platform and technical support.