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Prof.Wei Yang’s group published on Cell Reports

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cADPR is a well-recognized signaling molecule by modulating the RyRs, but considerable debate exists regarding whether cADPR can bind to and gate the TRPM2 channel, which mediates oxidative stress signaling in diverse physiological and pathological processes. Here, we show that purified cADPR evoked TRPM2 channel currents in both whole-cell and cell-free single-channel recordings and specific binding of cADPR to the purified NUDT9-H domain of TRPM2 by surface plasmon resonance. Furthermore, by combining computational modeling with electrophysiological recordings, we show that the TRPM2 channels carrying point mutations at H1346, T1347, L1379, S1391, E1409, and L1484 possess distinct sensitivity profiles for ADPR and cADPR. These results clearly indicate cADPR is a bona fide activator at the TRPM2 channel and clearly delineate the structural basis for cADPR binding, which not only lead to a better understanding in the gating mechanism of TRPM2 channel but also shed light on a cADPR-induced RyRs-independent Ca2+ signaling mechanism.