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Prof.Wei Gong’s group published on PNAS

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Optical clearing is a versatile approach to improve imaging quality and depth of optical microscopy by reducing scattered light.However, conventional optical clearing methods are restricted in the efficiency-first applications due to unsatisfied time consumption, irreversible tissue deformation, and fluorescence quenching.Here, we developed an ultrafast optical clearing method (FOCM) with simple protocols and common reagents to overcome these limitations. The results show that FOCM can rapidly clarify 300-μmthick brain slices within 2 min. Besides, the tissue linear expansion can be well controlled by only a 2.12% increase, meanwhile the fluorescence signals of GFP can be preserved up to 86% even after 11 d. By using FOCM, we successfully built the detailed 3D nerve cells model and showed the connection between neuron, astrocyte, and blood vessel. When applied to 3D imaging analysis, we found that the foot shock and morphine stimulation induced distinct c-fos pattern in the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus (PVH). Therefore, FOCM has the potential to be a widely used sample mounting media for biological optical imaging.