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Successful Holding of the Seminar on "Frontier and Intersection of Instinctive Behavior Research"

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From February 24 to 26, 2019, the West Lake Academic Forum - Frontier and Intersection of Instinctive Behavior Research Seminar was successfully held in Jinxi Villa, Hangzhou.


The seminar was chaired by Academician Shumin Duan. Nearly fifty industry experts and senior professors joined the meeting, including panel of National Natural Science Foundation Committee, Academician Lin Lu of Peking University, research fellow Liping Wang of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Zhian Hu of Military Medical University and Professor Tianming Gao of Southern Medical University.


It was deeply analyzed and refined in the seminar about the basic scientific issues in the field of instinctive behavior research, and future directions and focal points in research was discussed in the light of the present situation, hot spots and frontiers of brain science research in China.


The advantages and characteristics of the basic research of brain science and the close combination of basic research and clinical research were systemically reviewed in the seminar. One of the optimal goals of the seminar was to build China's Brain Science into an international scientific highland and to make the cutting edges of Brain Science Research one of the future focal research directions.