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The 193th meeting of the “West Lake Academic Forum” -

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On October 31th, 2018, the 193th meeting of the“ West Lake Academic Forum” - Double Brain Project - Brain Science and Artificial Intelligence seminar was successfully held in Room 205 of Zhejiang university school of medicine.

The meeting was hosted by academician Shumin Duan and professor Xiaoming Li. The meeting invited professor Weilin Wang, professor Zhiying Wu, professor Wei Chen, professor Dan Zhang, professor Jianfei Shi, professor Hong Zhang and nearly 100 experts and senior professors from Zhejiang University science and technology research institute, computer college, qiushi institute of advanced studies, school of information and electronic engineering, school of education, school of management, school of optoelectronics, college of biomedical engineering and instrument science gathered together.

Zhejiang University Brain and Brain Function Subject Amalgamation Center was officially approved by the Ministry of Education on September 29th, 2018. As the top brain science research center in China, we are committed to becoming a first-class international research institution for the fusion of brain and brain function, so as to seize the commanding heights of cutting-edge research.

Zhejiang University has established a brain science research and technology alliance in 2016 already,take over science and technology innovation 2030 brain science and brain-inspire research major projects, focusing on the frontiers of international science. Combining the long-term goals of Zhejiang University's Double Brain Program, artificial intelligence, brain-inspire chips, brain-computer interface, optical technology, digital medical image processing, brain diseases, are the major direction in the future.

At the beginning of the conference, academician Shumin Duan gave an opening speech and introduced the background and significance of the Ministry of Education's implementation of the basic research Mount Ever Project to the leaders and professors at the conference. He pointed out that the frontier science center is the core content of the Mount Ever Project. The frontier science center must place itself in the international science frontier, leading the world science trend. Subsequently, Professor L Xiaoming Li pointed out that brain science is the crown of biological science, and artificial intelligence is an inevitable trend of industrial development. Vice President Luo Jianhong also attended the meeting and pointed out that the establishment of this frontier science center is expected to open up these two fields and realize the explosive development of science and industry.

The conference successfully summarized the existing basic research of brain science at Zhejiang University, and  confirm further developed of basic and clinical research as well as built the frontier science center for brain and brain integration into an international scientific highland in this field to seize the commanding heights of cutting-edge brain science research as the key direction of the future.