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Researcher Xu Chenqi from institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited School of Medicine Zh

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On April 4, 2018 Xinglin Forum of School of Medicine invited Researcher Xu Chenqi from institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology of Chinese Academy of Sciences to give report entitled “Multifunctional roles of membrane lipids in T cells”. The meeting was host by Pro. Chen Wei.


Before the report , Prof. Xu Chenqi, Prof. Chen Wei and others had already had discussions on academic issues. Prof. Chen Wei as a representative also presented Xinglin Forum souvenir to Prof. Xu Chenqi. Professor Xu Chenqi started with the advantages and disadvantages of lipid intake and introduced his recent research published in Nature “Multifunctional roles of membrane lipid in T cell” that was: Phospholipids are extremely diverse. In the lipid bilayer, Phospholipids have a polyphase distribution so that T cell signaling has a complex temporal and spatial pattern. Previous studies showed that acidic phospholipids can ionize with diverse sequences in the juxtamembrane region, which sequesters T cell receptors and CD28 phosphorylation sites within the membrane and provides receptor activity as gatekeepers. Recently, we have found that acidic phospholipids can also interact with residues within the membrane to regulate the transmembrane dimerization of the integrin protein LFA-1, which renders LFA-1 in a low-affinity conformational state. In addition, Ca2+ can disrupt interaction of membrane and phospholipid inside and outside the membrane, activating TCR, CD28, and LFA-1. We also found that cholesterol levels in the plasma membrane are directly involved in regulating TCR signaling and the formation of immune synapses. Regulation of cholesterol metabolism can enhance the anti-tumor activity of CD8+ T cells. Therefore, our study highlights the importance of phospholipids in T-cell immunity and has led to more research in mechanical physics in this area.


Many professors in Center for neuroscience asked questions and had a discussion with Prof. Xu Yuqi. His academic report has enriched everyone's knowledge about neurobiology, immunology, and cell biology.