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Academician Cheng Heping, from the Institute of Molecular Medicine, Peking University visited School of Medicine Zhejiang Universi

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On April 17th, 2018, Center for Neuroscience of Zhejiang University invited academician Cheng Heping, from the Institute of Molecular Medicine, Peking University to be a guest of Xinglin Forum of School of Medicine. The meeting was hosted by academician Duan Shuming. Academician Cheng Heping brought an academic report entitled “Micro two-photon microscopic imaging opens a new paradigm for brain science research” Academician Cheng Heping introduced that their group took three years to build a two-photon microscopy imaging system that cost more than 70 million and this system would have potentially huge application prospects in neuroscience.


Academician Cheng has always been contributed to the innovation of the imaging system. The previous report on calcium sparks in myocardial cells has caused a sensation in the world. Academician Cheng introduced the work from his group published onNature methods in 2017 entitled “Fast high-resolution miniature two-photon microscopy for brain imaging in freely behaving mice”. They overcome a number of challenges such as how to efficiently transmit lasers in femtosecond, how to achieve spatial resolution and high-speed imaging, and how to maximize the efficiency of fluorescence collection. The two-photon imaging system was reduced to a 2.2 g microlens system. A portable, clear, and portable imaging system has been made.


Academician Cheng’s report had a positive response from the audience. Afterwards, academician Duan Shuming and some professors from center communicated with Academician Cheng, which promoted the introduction of this technology and promoted the development of neuroscience at Zhejiang University.