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ZJU-UofT Frontier Neuroscience Symposium (2018)

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Zhejiang University and University of Toronto frontiers neuroscience Symposium
The first Zhejiang University and University of Toronto frontier neuroscience symposium will be held in Hangzhou on 16-17 April 2018.
The conference was hosted by Zhejiang University and University of Toronto, and sponsored by The Center of Neuroscience of Zhejiang University, and cooperated by the Zhejiang Institute of Neuroscience.
The purpose of the conference is to introduce and exchange research progress in the field of neuroscience in recent years, share research experience, deepen and expand research cooperation between the two members, and promote the progress of both sides in neuroscience research. At the same time, the two sides will also discuss the joint training of postgraduate students, post-doctoral talents, teachers and other related issues, and strive to promote exchanges and cooperation between the teachers of the two colleges and universities, and promote the cooperation and exchange of the college level under the framework of Zhejiang University and University of Toronto. We warmly welcome domestic and international colleagues and interested undergraduates and postgraduates to attend this conference.