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Prof. Edvard I. Moser, the Nobel Laureate in Physiology, visited Zhejiang University

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On the afternoon of September 20, Prof. Edvard I. Moser, the Nobel Laureate in Physiology,visited Zhejiang University. The successful academic exchanges and seminars were held in linshui lecture hall.

Professor Shuming Duan, Academician and Dean of Medicine school, Ying Xu, Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs, Hailan Hu , Executive Director of Neuroscience Research Center of Medical College warmly welcomed Prof. Edvard I. Moser.

Before the report, Prof. HaiLan Hu introduced Professor Moser to the guests and teachers and students. Professor Moser Born in Norway found for the first time grid cells (Grid cell) in the brain in 2005 together with Professor. May-Britt Moser. Professor Moser found that when animals explode in space, the cells in the entorhinal cortex of brain exhibit strong spatial discharge characteristics: when the animal reaches any of the grid nodes, the corresponding grid cells produce a strong discharge. The receptive field of grid cell presents a fascinating hexagonal pattern, similar to the snow crystal, the shape of the honeycomb in nature, entirely produced by the cerebral cortex itself.

The most challenging frontier of the twenty-first century is the understanding for the computational mechanisms of brain. The discovery of grid cells provides a powerful experimental basis for understanding how the brain dynamically characterizes spatial paths and encodes spatial memory. Nine years later, The Moser couple and their mentor, John O'Keefe, shared the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology / Medicine.

After the speech, Shumin Duan academician certificated the “Zhejiang University academic master forum” and “The excellent forum for overseas and famous teacher” to Professor Moser. Finally the activities were finished with feast reception.