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Professor Zhang Xia attend "Xinglin Forum" of Zhejiang University School of Medicine

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On March 31st, 2017, Professor Zhang Xia fromthe translation neuroscience division of Mental Health Research Institute of the Royal Hospital, University of Ottawa, Canadawas invited to participate in the Xinglin Forum for academic communication in Zhejiang University. Professor Zhang Xia gave a wonderful talk on frontier topic Cannabinoid Modulation of Memory, Depression, Anxiety and Consciousness , which was hosted by Professor Hu Hailan, the executive director of Zhejiang University neuroscience research center. 

Professor Zhang Xia introduced the clinic and research history of Cannabinoid, and the influence of Cannabinoid on addiction and working memory. He talked about the function of CB1 receptor and its impact on LTD, as well as the physiological and pathological function and significance of endogenous Cannabinoid. After that, Professor Zhang Xia shared his recent research on the generation of consciousness. His research group has recently found that glutamate neurotrophic CB1 receptor in PFC plays an important role in awakening consciousness after anesthesia. The circuit in PFC and DMH also play an important role in the generation of consciousness.

Professor Zhang not only brought us the forefront of international academic knowledge, but also provided a more clear understanding of the research field. The audiences has enjoyed a better understanding of the neural network for the generation of consciousness, the diagnosis and drug development of depression, and the clinical significance of cannabinoids.