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Professor Wang Hao, Research Assistant for Center of Neuroscience, Zhejiang University

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Job title: Research Assistant

Department: Center of Neuroscience

Job description:

We are seeking motivated individuals to assist in research works in Research Fellow Wang Hao’s laboratory in the center of neuroscience, Zhejiang University School of medicine. The research interests include: (1) the circuit mechanism of innate behaviors such as fear and feeding; (2) the mechanism and functional significance of the critical period in thalamic relay synapses development. The appointee management is conducted according to related provisions of Zhejiang University.Applicants should send the personal resume (includingstudying and working background, research experience) and other quality demonstrating materials to withthe subject entitled “application for research assistant” The salary is compatible and negotiable.

Required qualifications:

1. Be responsible, passionateand ready to serve with teamwork spirit.

2. With a college degree or above in medical science, zoology, biology or other  related fields.

3. Preferably with experiment experiences in IHC or mice breeding.