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Professor Ma Huan, Research Assistant for Center of Neuroscience, Zhejiang University

From:Admin PubTime:Jul 12, 2016 Visits:723

Job title: Research Assistant and Postdoctoral Fellow

Department: Center of Neuroscience

Job description:

The research group of Professor Ma Huan’s in center of neuroscience, (Zhejiang University School of medicine) is recruiting one or two research assistants and postdoctoral fellows to assist in research work. The group is interested in studying the correlation between neuron function and mental diseases in mice model using electrophysiology, molecular biology, and animal behavior approaches. The laboratory cooperates with clinic closely. The research contents include regulation of neuronal homeostasis, the mechanism of excitatory genetic transcription, the pathological mechanism of mental retardation (please refer to Cell 159, 281–294;Cell 149, 1112–1124;Neuron 90, 292–307 for recent works).

The appointee management is conducted according to related provisions of Zhejiang University.Applicants should send the personal resume (includingstudying and working background, research experience) and other quality demonstrating materials to subject entitled “application for research assistant” or “application for postdoctoral fellow”.

Please call at0571-88982872 for further inquiry.

Job requirements:

Research assistant:

1.      Work on laboratory daily routines, including reagent preparation, ordering, expense reimbursement and instrument maintenance.

2.      Take care of mice.

3.      Join in laboratory research project and perform electrophysiology, molecular biology and cellular biology experiments based on one’s interest.

Postdoctoral fellow:

1.      We welcome PhD graduates with one of the following special skills: molecular biology, electrophysiology, animal behaviors, molecular imaging, or stem cell technology.

2.      Be attentive, responsible and ready to serve with teamwork spirit.

3.      Have strong experimental skills and be able to conduct independent and original research under PI’s guidance.

4.      Fluent English communication and reading skills.