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Professor Hu Hailan, Research Assistant for Center of Neuroscience, Zhejiang University

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Job title: Research Assistant

Department: Center of Neuroscience


Job description:

We are seeking motivated individuals to assist in research works in Professor Hu Hailan’s laboratory in center of neuroscience, Zhejiang University School of medicine. The laboratory is carrying out researches on neural circuits of animal behaviors in mice models using advanced electrophysiology, optogenetics, molecular biology, and animal behavior methodologies. The research group is also working on the neural basis of emotion and mood, the neural circuit of social ranking, the neuropathological mechanism of depression (please refer to Science 341: 1016-1020;Science 334:693-97;Nature Neuroscience11: 1552-9 for recent works). For more information about the laboratory, please visit the website at The appointee management is conducted according to related provisions of Zhejiang University.Applicants should send personal resume (includingstudying and working background, research experience) to with the subject entitled “application for research assistant”.  Thesalary is compatible and negotiable. Please call at 0571-88208920 for further inquiry.

Required qualifications:

1. Have obtained a bachelor’s or master’s degree and plan to work for at least 2 years.

2. For a bachelor, with biological related majors, familiar with molecular biology experimental skills such as PCR, DNA electrophoresis, have a passion in learning new techniques and have strong interests in scientific research. The one planning for long-term job is preferred.

3. For a master, with neurobiological related background. Priority will be given to applicants who are familiar with one of technologies: animal behaviors,   immunofluorescence, cell culture, electrophysiology and stereotaxis technology.

Other requirements:

1. Be responsible and ready to serve with teamwork spirit.

2. Active in learning, and capable of reading daily English.

3. Highly organized and good at communication.