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Professor Zhao Jingwei, Research Assistant for Center of Neuroscience, Zhejiang University

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Job title: Research Assistant

Department: Center of Neuroscience

Job posting details:

The research group of Professor. Zhao Jingwei’s in the center of neuroscience (School of medicine, Zhejiang University) are seeking applications for a research assistant. The group is focused on the development of oligodendroglia cell, the cellular and molecular mechanisms of myelin damage and repair . In recent years, the group has published papers atCell Stem Cell, Nature Neuroscience and so on.


Applicants should have a master’s or bachelor’s degree in life sciences, biomedicines, pharmacology or a related field. They should have a strong interest in scientific research and enjoy laboratory routine works such as laboratory management, accounting and reimbursement. Patience, detail-orientation, good communication skills,  high responsibility and teamwork spirit are highly preferable. 


Application Procedure:

Applicants should send personal resume in PDF format with the subject entitled“application for scientific research assistant”.Priority will be given to applicants after interview. Starting salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.  

For further details, please visit the laboratory website of Professor Zhao Jingwei’s at