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The Ministry Of Health neurobiology key laboratory held on-site assessment successfully in 2016

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On September 14th 2016, the ministry of health neurobiology key laboratory held on-site assessment meeting at the complex building of Zhejiang University, school of medicine in Zijingang campus. Academician Yang Xiongli from the institute of neuroscience of Fudan university, Academician Zhang xu from Chinese academy of sciences shanghai life science research institute, professor Wang Yinzheng from Academy of Military Medical Sciences,  vice-president Wang Yan from Shanghai Jiaotong University medical college affiliated hospital, professor Gao Tianming from Southern Medical University, professor Zhang Xuejun from Anhui Medical University and officers from the china medical association attended the meeting.

Academician Yang Xiongli chaired the assessment meeting. Zhu wei and Xia Weili gave welcome speech. Academician Yang and Director luo introduced the members of assessment experts and participants from the key research base.

The assessment meeting was mainly composed of three parts, including the report of director of base and supporting institute, materials verification at the scene and individual interview. Professor Luo Jianhong made a detailed introduction about the operating mechanism, scientific research and academic team building. Yi Ping, the director of institute of science research of medicine school and the head of laboratory supporting institute, introduced the departmental support  to base.

Professor Yang Wei led the assessment experts and workers of Chinese medical association to visit china human brain library, the public technology platform and researchlaboratory. He introduced the operation and management of base, and helped to verify the submmited documents.  The experts then conducted individual interviews to staffs of base. Giving an high evaluation on the discipline team building, development of youth talents and science research platform construction of the base, the experts also pointed out the disadvantages on base construction, such as the divergent research fields, the weak clinical translation and little scientific application.

They suggested that the base to cooperate with clinical experts to enhance translation and  application of research output.

Finally, professor Zhang Xuejun surveyed and talked about the expenditure, researching projects, research authorship and base management experiences. and provided a feedback to the base.


 Reported by Du Yonglan