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Research team from University of Virginia paying visit to the center

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Research team from University of Virginia came to visit


University of Virginia is one of the leading universities in United States' neural science research. The visiting professors Julius J.Zhu (Zhu Jun),Xiaowei Lu and Wendy J. Lynch are famous professors of American neuroscience community. 

During the visit professor Julius J. Zhu,Xiaowei Lu and Wendy J. Lynchalso give a series of lectures to postgraduates of our institution. The topic includes Associate Professor of Cell Biology, University of Virginia,Synaptic Signaling,Dendritic Signaling,Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences and so on, which attracts a great many of teachers and students to attend the lectures. During the lecture, they used papers published in the top Science Journals to explain their viewpoints. Topics spread from synapse to the role of a specific synaptic protein in animal behaviour. The students didn't quite follow the conversation at first due to the profounded scientific contents. After in-depth lectures, students were able to comphrehend the importance of synaptic function. Two professors also raised many examples to encourage the students to discuss during the breaks.


In the next 1-2 years, the local research groups of professor Shen Ying's, Luo Jianhong's and Li Xiaoming's will work with the research team of Virginia to apply for the national funds, cultivate 1-3 postgraduates, collect the experimental data and publish papers in high quality academic journals.


Snapshots of the lectures