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Zhejiang University-USA Bilateral Symposium

From:Admin PubTime:May 5, 2015 Visits:1028

Zhejiang University-USA Bilateral Symposium on

Neurons, Circuits and Diseases

Venue: Zhejiang University School of Medicine. Date: May 5, 2015 




8:55: Welcome remarks: Shu-Min Duan, Dean of Zhejiang University School of Medicine


----------------------- Session host: Ying Shen ---------------------------


9:00-9:40,Xinyu Zhao, University of Wisconsin-Madison. “Maturation of neurons and circuits in diseased brains”.

9:40-10:20, Hao Wang (Zhejiang University), “Identify neural circuitry for olfactory cue induced innate fear”.

10:20-11:00, J. Julius Zhu (University of Virginia), “Attentional neurons and circuits.

11:00-11:40, Yu-Dong Zhou (Zhejiang University). “Astrocytic activation of a TLR4-mediated pathway promotes synaptogenesis in hippocampal neurons”.


11:40-12:50   Lunch


----------------------- Session host: Julius J. Zhu ---------------------------


13:00-13:40, Manoj Patel(Universityof Virginia),“Role of sodium channels in the development of epilepsy”.

13:40-14:20, Lijun Kang (Zhejiang University), “The emerging role of glia in mechano transduction”.

14:20-15:00, Huizhong W. Tao(University of South California). “Dissecting neural circuits for visual processing and behavior”.

15:00-15:40, Michael M Scott(Universityof Virginia), “Epigenetic regulation of behavior”.

15:40-16:20, Ying Shen(Zhejiang University), “Novel roles of PICK1 on glutamate transporter and oxidative stress”.

16:20-17:00, Li Zhang(University of South California), “Synaptic circuit basis for auditory cortical processing”.


17:10 Group photo (In door)


18:30: Reception Dinner (Yuan Zheng Restaurant in Yuan Zheng Hotel).