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The Netherlands Brain Bank research group visit for academic communication

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    Been invited by the Neuroscience institute of Zhejiang University, the research groups from Netherlands came for a visit. Professor Inge Huitinga, the director of the Netherland Brain Bank (NBB) and PI in neuroimmunology in the neuroscience institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy, and Doctor Saskia Palmen, the director of the psychiatric department in Utrecht university school of medicine and the coordinator of the Netherlands brain bank - mental disease research project had directed three speeches in Zhejiang university school of medicine and the Hangzhou seventh people's hospital. The contents included: the NBB and the NBB - mental disease research project, human microglia phenotypic relations with neurological diseases and the Netherland psychiatry research. Dr Inge Huitinga also specially visited the Chinese brain bank in school of medicine and discussed with the staffs Professor Aimin Bao and Professor Keqing Zhu there. With in depth communication, they went through the detailed works in the brain bank, such as the neuropathology diagnosis from the brain samples, the brain bank publicity, setting up working rules in brain bank and its documentation standards.