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Research team from University of Virginia paying visit to the center

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Research team from University of Virginia came for a visit


        University of Virginia is leading university of neural science in the United States. The visiting professor Julius J.Zhu (Zhu Jun) and professor Mark Beenhakker are famous professors of American neuroscience community. Professor Zhu Jun is an international famous expert of neural signal integration and synaptic transmission. He spends long time studying the production, integration of neural signals in the brain and its correlation with brain function. His research findings have been published in high-profile journals suan as Cell,Nature, Neuron, Nature Neuroscience, Genes & Dev and PNAS etc. Recently, his team has developed an international leading research direction about “Using multielectrode to record 8 to 10 neurons’ whole-cell electrical activity in the same time at the level of neural network This experimental technique is the key technology which The Neuroscience Institute of Zhejiang University really needs. Through the cooperation with professor Zhu Jun and professor Mark Beenhakker, we will be able to set up eight channels of patch clamp recording  to better study the  correlation between individual neurons in the brain.

        During this visit professor Zhu Jun and professor Mark Beenhakker also give a series of lectures to postgraduates of our institution. Lecture content includes “Organization of two new cortical interneuronal circuits”,“Attentional Neurons and Circuits. General Mechanisms of Neural Oscillations”, “Neurotransmitter Diffusion at Central Synapses” and so on, which attracts more than 150 teachers and students. During the lecture, they used papers published in the top Science Journals to explain their viewpoints, such as “Ultrasensitive fluorescent proteins for imaging neuronal activity” published in the journal Nature in 2013,  “Bidirectional Control of Social Hierarchy by Synaptic Efficacy in Medial Prefrontal Cortex”  published in the journal Science, etc. Topics spread from synapse to the role of a specific synaptic protein in animal behaviour. Because the content is a little deep, the students didn’t understand at first. After in-depth lecture, many students totally understood the importance of synaptic function. Two professors also raised many examples to encourage the students to discuss during the breaks.

        In the next 1-2 years, Shen Ying group, Luo Jianhong group, Li Xiaoming group will work with the research team of Virginia to apply for the national fund, cultivate 1-3 postgraduates, collect the experimental data and publish papers in high quality academic journals.